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magem-bina-2MAGEM (Famagusta Youth Community Centre) has started its activities with 11 young members at the board of directors in 2007 based on the association law in North Cyprus. Municipality of Famagusta started the project to establish bigger MAGEM facilities.

The construction of our current building was completed in 2010 and it cetainly provided a wider activity space.

Every year the members of the board of directors are being elected by MAGEM members and it is based on volunteering. The income from the football fields and tennis courts at the facilities remains at the MAGEM budget along with the share coming from several courses provided. Also the money led over from sponsor ship and donator is kept by MAGEM.

MAGEM aims to arm its young members with management skills together with providing many other opportunities. By means of these opportunities the youth gets the chance to improve themselves in various fields and also the chance to socialise. As many researches have shown sociability and positive channelising of energy diminishes the risk of falling into harmful habits. As a youth community centre, one of the concerns of MAGEM is to create a space for youth where they can express themselves and stay away from such habits. To that end, there are many activities that can address everyone.

MAGEM membership is possible for the age range between 18-30 since it is a youth centre. However it is NOT required to be a member to join the activities, events and/or courses. There are young people more than 1400 actively involved in activities.

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